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£1,200.00 Plus VAT - For Sale - KIP Star 2000 Large Format Network Printer - Kip Star 2000

In Stock


  • Kip Star 2000 printer
  • Crisper and clearer print quality
  • Outstanding line definition
  • Zero toner wastage
  • Consistent grey and solid blacks
  • Extended print length
  • Modular design for easy up-grade
  • 3 roll feed
  • Clean and environmentally friendly
  • No waste toner


Kip Star 2000 printer

KIP 2000 Series A0 Network Printers

KIP's line-up of network printers form the core of the KIP product range, delivering unrivalled performance and value whatever your output volume requirements. These large format drawing printers come with a variety of specification, depending on your requirement for print throughput and print speed.

All of the plotters come with powerful print management software to control the printer and the work submitted to it.

The latest 2000 Series of printers feature HDP printing (High Definition Printing) which provides:

Crisper and clearer print quality

Outstanding line definition

Zero toner wastage

Consistent grey and solid blacks

Extended print length

KIP 2000 Series Features

Modular design for easy up-grade

1,2 or 3 roll feed

Small footprint

Clean and environmentally friendly

No waste toner

Fewer replacement parts

Upgradeable to copier with scanner

Network ready

WEB printing interface

In-line folder capability

KIP 2000 Series Scanners
The KIP 2000 Series STF scanners are a range of highly
advanced, wide format image capture devices that
deliver outstanding performance and quality. A choice of
four scanners covers the full range of production
demand.The KIP 2000 Series STF scanners are designed
to make precise image capture a fast, streamlined
process regardless of original image quality.
A sample original, comprising a variety of difficult images, scanned
in a single pass using a KIP 2000 Series scanner in fully automatic
mode. KIPís revolutionary Real Time Thresholding process
guarantees excellent results with minimal effort and no impact on
file size.
Exceptional Quality
New KIP HDP (High Definition Print) technology offers
exceptional print quality, high definition lines, distinctive
greyscales and consistent solid areas.
These benefits are the result of:
LED Head Design
The print-head design provides
individual calibration of each LED,
producing smoother and more
consistent image quality.
Pressure Free Fusing System
An innovative pressure free fusing
system results in superb image quality
by reducing image distortion while
enhancing detail and print clarity.
Contact Toner System
KIPís new non-magnetic, monocomponent
toner technology provides
100% toner efficiency without carriers,
developers or waste receptacles.
KIP2000 Series
High Definition Printing Systems
Exceptional productivity
The KIP 2000 printerís new contact toner system, combined
with expanded duty cycles and fewer scheduled maintenance
visits, results in outstanding levels of productivity.
The addition of a KIP 2000 Series scanner transforms the
KipStar network printer into a powerful digital copying,
scan-to-file and print management system.
1,2,or 3 Roll Flexibility
KipStar 2000 Series printers are available in one, two or
three roll configurations. Need more media rolls? Simply
add more drawers to a one or two roll system as needs
Real Time Thresholding
Real Time Thresholding (RTT) technology automatically
determines the threshold levels for each original, saving
time and effort. KIP RTT technology automatically adjusts
the threshold levels on a standard A1 size document
over half a million times per scan!
Scanner Features
 Internal memory for collated set printing
 Multiple job pre-programming while printing
 A range of scanning speeds from 50-160mm/sec
 Touchscreen interface and intuitive controls
 Integral stacker for scanned originals
 Imaging quality that sets a new industry benchmark
 Mode memory stores up to 10 user defined settings
 Direct connection from KIP scanner to KIP printer
forms powerful modular copy systems without the
need for a PC
 Excellent connectivity options, including SCSI and
TWAIN compatibility, plus a wide array of software
 Walk-up scan-to-file software provides an easy to
use interface including DPI, image settings and
zoom adjustments at the scanner touchscreen

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