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Square haylage bales for sales made from meadow gr
Top quality meadow haylage for sale Hampshire


Big haylage bales for sale Hampshire Dorset Wiltshire Kent

Quality grass haylage in big bales made june 2013 from meadow grass no ragwort no rain top quality

Contact Oliver on 07770 832611
Fordingbridge in Hampshire

Small quantities 5 - 10 Bales £50.00 each

Medium quantity 11 - 20 Bales £45.00 each

Large quantity 21 plus bales £40.00 each

Supplying horse and livestock farmers as far a field as Kent in Surrey.

We are based in Hampshire on the border to Dorset and Wiltshire

Quality meadow grass with no chemicals, no ragwort, no rain damage and no damage to the wrap.

Our Haylage comes well wrapped actually double wrapped the recommended amount in black polythene to ensure the quality is maintained.

Feeding Recommendations:
The average horse (Approx 16hh) eats between 8 & 10kgs of haylage daily. A 150kg bale will last 2 horses up to 10 days, 3 horses 7 days, 4 horses 5 days etc.. To retain the quality of your bales of haylage you should open them at one end and remove the plastic as required day by day, this will extend the life of the opened bales.

Our grass is cut in the same way as hay, but instead of being left to completely dry out, we bale and wrap it when the dry matter has reached around 60%.

Our quality Haylage is naturally dust free forage. Therefore unlike hay there is no need to soak the product before feeding.

Unlike hay there is no waste.

Bales can be stored outside.

The Benifits of haylage for your horse

It is estimated that up to 60% of all horses and ponies in the UK suffer from undetected respiratory disease, a condition which adversely affects a horse’s performance and, if untreated can lead to COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

The most common cause of respiratory disease is an allergic reaction to the dust and millions of mould spores found in hay, so it is very important to take steps to reduce the levels of dust and spores.

Some owners soak their hay, hoping that the spores will stick to the plant stems and be swallowed rather than inhaled. The reality of this though is the wet hay falls to the ground and dries; the spores then become airborne again and are inhaled.

Soaking hay also results in a marked loss of nutritional value, and the water in which it is soaked represents a pollutant ten times the strength of raw sewage.

Not forgetting that haylage is recommended by vets and feed nutritionists as a safe and healthy feed for your horse

Haylage retains almost 90% of the nutrients and feed value of fresh grass and therefore should reduce your hard feed bill.
Haylage is very palatable so you will get minimal or even no wastage.
Haylage encourages fussy horses to eat more, resulting in better condition.
Haylage has no dust or spores which naturally means healthier horses and reduced vet costs overall.
Haylage can be safely stored outside freeing up valuable space inside your buildings.

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