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Working with the Environment

Westfields are working hard to help endangered species by creating wildlike habitats at Westfield Park.
Latest species to be spotted include The Chalk Hill Butterfly which is a very beautiful blue.
Professional wildlife photograher captures the Chalk Hill Blue Butterfly in abundance at Westfields Limited wildlife habitat.

Males have bright blue wings with thin black-brown border and a thin white fringe. Females brown with orange spots and blue dusting near body. The Chalk Hill Blue is a small butterfly that occasionally visits gardens. Females similar to Brown Argus, which lack blue dusting near body, and to female Adonis and Chalkhill Blues, which have dark veins extending into white fringe on wing edges.
Latin name: Polyommatus coridon
Family group: Blues
Countries: England
Size: Small
Range declining in some areas.

In August they can be seen flying just above the vegetation, searching for females. Large numbers of males may also congregate on animal dung and other sources of moisture and minerals. Females are much less conspicuous, being duller in colour, more secretive in their habits, and spending less time than the males in flight.

The butterfly is confined to calcareous grassland in southern England and has declined in some areas during recent decades.

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